1. Why is Early Education So Important?

    Researchers have touted that the future of a child’s academic success, is determined before they reach the age of eight. Before the age of eight, a child is developing so rapidly — cognitively, socially, and emotionally — so fostering early education practices is crucial in those early years. Toddler education has been honed in on by educators and politicians alike, because they know setting…Read More

  2. Three Tips On How To Choose An Early Learning Program: Part 1

    Choosing an early childhood education program is an important, albeit, nerve racking choice. With so many theories and approaches on child development, it’s hard to know which avenue to go down. Don’t place too much pressure on yourself because at the end of the day, finding a program that is both enriching and safe is a great place to begin. Research programs that interest you Exploring your …Read More